Sportsnet’s Donnovan Bennett on anti-Black racism

Donnovan Bennet is journalist, writer, and podcast host for Sportsnet. He co-hosts the podcast, Sports on Pause, which explores how COVID-19 has been impacting the sports world.

But over the last week or two, for Donnovan sports have been on pause. At least they’ve taken a back seat. He has lent his voice, his profile, and his passion and entire being to speaking out against racism towards black people in the U.S., Canada, and around the world.

READ BEFORE LISTENING: Black people are dying. White athletes need to speak out by Donnovan Bennett. Read more of Donnovan’s work here.

The heinous killing of George Floyd, a defenceless and seemingly harmless black man in police custody in Minnesota sparked worldwide outrage and brought the topic of systemic racism in the United States to the top absolutely forefront. It has uncovered once again the ugliest parts of society, and a result, protests broke out in all 50 states, and other countries.

All with the hopes of sparking, real, long-lasting change towards a time when these types of killings – when a man or woman is not only treated differently but killed due to the colour of their skin – a time when those things don’t happen anymore. And if and when we do get to that point, part of the reason will be people like Donnovan Bennet.

Being a black man who has dealt with racism in one way or another throughout his life, Donnovan has been speaking loudly online and everywhere else about his experience, racism in Canada, and the role sports and specifically white athletes can and should play to help fight the fight.

So, as you can imagine, we are quite honoured to have him join us on Unanchored.

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