Actor Huse Madhavji on finding community in film

Huse Madhavji is a doctor. Well, not actually, but he’s played one many times on TV. 

He’s a Canadian actor and television personality who may be best known for his role as Dr. Shahir Hamza on CTV’s saving hope.

While theatre and the arts were always in his life throughout childhood, he started his career on TV a journalist and host after attending Ryerson University and taking the radio and television arts program.

He started his career as a television reporter and anchor, both in Canada and in the states, before landing a gig as one of the hosts of star daily, a popular Canadian entertainment. 

And that’s when the stars started to align. Huse was always acting, often moonlighting in theatre but as his hosting career progressed, so too did his acting career and he eventually landed a recurring on Direct-TV’s Call Me Fitz, starring another familiar Canadian personality – Jason Priestly. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember him from 90210.

From there, Huse’s acting career took off and he has since been splitting time between between Hollywood and Toronto.

In addition to playing a doctor in saving hope, he also did so on Combat Hospital and how to buy a baby, recently had a role in one of Canada’s biggest recent comedy’s Schitt’s Creek, and plays Mentor Watts in Uptopia Falls on CBC Gem.

It’s a good resume, but above it Huse is a grounded, kind and compassionate human being who’s journey shows that you can do things the right way and succeed.

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