Social media star Pavel Barber on carving out a career in hockey

Social media star Pavel Barber joins the show this week to talk about his untraditional route into his career in hockey. Going from multi-sport athlete playing on national teams in three sports to becoming a stick-handling master, Pavel has amassed a social media following of upwards of 800,000 followers, bigger than some NHLers, including Stanley Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Jonathan Toews.

Starting with hockey trick shots on the ice and partnering with the pros to to create some viral content, his career has taken him to hanging out with the Stanley Cup, playing hockey on top of a mountain and working and training with some high end up-and-comers and some of the best in the game.

With the return of hockey around the corner, no more perfect a time to talk about the game and how he’s been able to carve out his niche on social media and to follow his passion into his favourite sport.

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